Zeno-Watch Basel, an independent Swiss watch manufacturer since 1922, is internationally recognized for product quality and competitive pricing. Zeno USA, L.L.C. is the Official Authorized Sales Distribution and Service Center for Zeno-Watch Basel in the United States of America and Canada.

We encourage you to visit an Authorized Zeno Dealer and view our watches yourself. We invite you to see and feel the quality, note the impeccable attention to detail and the flawless craftsmanship of our complete timepiece collection.

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Buying your Zeno watch from an Authorized Zeno Dealer ensures you will receive full value for your investment. Only an Authorized Zeno Dealer can guarantee that your Zeno watch is both authentic and brand new.

A Zeno watch purchased from any other retailer or source may be counterfeit, damaged, pre-owned, contain inferior parts or be of dubious origin. We refuse any guarantee liability if your watch has been acquired from a non-authorized dealer.


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